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“The Lack of Action – Or A Series of Inappropriate Actions – Can Dramatically Increase a Company’s Vulnerability to Digital Disruption.” – Michael Wade, IMD Professor of Innovation and Strategy, Cisco

Going ‘Digital’ is no more about owning the latest gadgets. It is about being responsive in the dynamic marketplace and keeping up with today’s ‘I want more’ customers. Businesses need to become efficient and achieve more with less. Companies need a makeover. They need to call it a wrap for all manual operations and say hello to automation. Today, it’s all about rethinking how businesses are run and transforming them into seamless, automated operations.

The time calls for Digital Transformation.
ISYX offers the optimum mix of contextual solutions and automation ensuring successful end-to-end business transformation. With its wide spectrum of services from IOT to Big Data & Analytics, ISYX is the perfect choice for businesses looking to metamorphose into innovative entities that stand apart from the rest. Our future-ready technologies enable companies to automate operations, bring down costs and perform more effectively.

Intelligent, Innovative & Integrated Solutions for Solving Business Challenges

Our Integrated Facility Management solution is an apt example of how we seamlessly merge construction projects, live databases and facility systems. All these elements when integrated and linked with IoT enable end to end automation of facility operations and adherence to SLAs. Our predictive models and advanced algorithms capacitate top management to take better pricing decisions, become more cost effective and close prime deals.

It’s Customer First. Always

Choose wisely and collaborate with a partner who believes in ‘customers first’ . At ISYX, we certainly do.

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ISYX Application Service

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ISYX Application Service

ISYX Service Portfolio

Our Application Services consists of the following

Enterprise Applications

  • ERP & CRM ( SAP, Microsoft, IFS,
    Oracle etc.)
  • Document Management
    Solutions – Laserfiche,
    Vicidocs & SharePoint

Digital Services

  • Omni Channel
  • Collaboration
  • BI Analytics, Big Data


  • SAP Mobility platform
  • Open platforms

Lifecycle Management

  • Design, development and
  • Life cycle maintenance and
    management services
  • Testing services etc.
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We provide multiple solution sets to various industries

AI Nasser Group

Al Nasser Group, KSA

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We have completed our first payroll run successfully on time!!

Despite the last minute changes in plan and issues with data, we did it. This would not have been possible without the extra efforts and support from all of you. Thank you Faustin and Venkat for the late night support, even on a holiday! Special thanks to Sohel, for finding some time to help us on the day of an important family function. Thank you Preethi for the reports.

We really appreciate your commitment and looking forward to our new project with the same team spirit.

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