• IT GRC Services

ISYX Technologies is a specialist in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions& Services in the Middle East and India.

ISYX Technologies by acquiring of one of the leaders in the IT GRC domain in the region has grown as one of the largest Info-Sec services and Solutions Company in the Middle East. We have worked with many international institutions across the globe, and is strategically situated to meet the needs of our global clientele. ISYX Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of IT GRC, Physical Security and SCADA security technology and consulting services based on industry standards and guidelines. The services are delivered using a Global Delivery model which is an innovative consulting model-combining onsite consulting with offshore support and remote managed solutions resulting in cost effective engagements for our clients.

IT Governance

Our services related to IT Governance include-IT Governance Strategy and Roadmap Development and Implementation, IT Governance Office Build/Operate/Transfer, IT Governance policies, processes, procedures and standards development/modification, IT Governance Dashboards and solutions, IT Planning and Strategy Development, Data Governance, IT Competency Framework and Performance Management Development.

IT Risk Management

Our services related to IT Risk Management include Risk Management Framework Design, Development of Risk Treatment Plans, Risk Register Solution, Developing Risk Libraries for Enterprise Applications, Risk Assessments for IT Infrastructure/ Applications/ Network Devices, Process Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments, Policies/ Processes/ Procedures, IT Continuity Management, IT Policy and Standards, IT Technology Configuration Standards etc.

IT Compliance

Our services related to IT Compliance include Implementation and Certification Assistance for Information Security (ISO 27001), IT Service Management (ISO 20000), Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301), Quality Management (ISO 9001), Integrated Management Systems, International Standards such as COBIT, ISO 38500, PCI-DSS, ITIL, Regional Standards such as SAMA, Tadawul, ADSIC, DIFC Data Protection, DOHMS Security Standard, QCB Guidelines etc.

IT Project Management

Our services related to IT Project Management include IT Project Management Office Design, IT Project Management Practices and Plans Development, Project Management delivery services etc.

Information Security

Our services related to Information Security include Information Security Governance Framework Development, Information Security Strategy Development, Information Security Architecture Development, Policies/ Procedures/ Standards, Security Assessments for IT Infrastructure/ Applications/ Network Devices, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments, Security Posture Assessment, Application Code Review, Data Loss Prevention, Data Classification etc.

Service Management

Our services related to Service Management include Service Management Strategy Development, Service Management Governance Framework Development, Service Management Architecture Development, Services Risk Assessment, Policies/ Processes/ Procedures development, Service Desk Operations Design/ Redesign etc.

Business Continuity

Our services related to Business Continuity Management include Business Continuity Management Governance Development, Business Continuity Management Strategy Development, Disaster Recovery Strategy Design, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plan Development, Business Continuity Testing, Disaster Architecture Design and Implementation, Disaster Recovery Plan/ Testing, Work Area Recovery etc.

Specialized Services

Our services related to Specialized services include Fraud Risk Management, Physical Security Risk Assessments, SCADA Security Assessments, GSM Security Assessments, Radio Networks Security Assessments, Telecom Network Security Assessment, Business Process Risk Assessments etc.

Technology Solutions

Our services related to Technology Solutions include a range of niche solutions related to Governance, Risk and Compliance and Security, Datacentre Management Solutions, Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions, Physical Security Solutions, Online Security Solutions, Identity and Access Governance Solutions, Advanced Persistent Threat Solutions, Business Continuity Management Solutions, IT Service Management Solutions, Telecom Network Security Solutions and Security Awareness Solutions.