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Does your business runs 24×7 and is it ready for whatever comes?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is a solutioning cum service offering from ISYX Technologies. The BCP-DR framework consulting of ISYX Technologies has the tested and proven methodologies coupled with the experience of our seasoned and qualified consultants that have helped organizations to achieve the BCP-DR IT management lifecycle that includes the development, implementation, testing and managing the DR sites.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are processes that help organizations prepare for disruptive events—whether those events might include a hurricane or simply a power outage caused by a backhoe in the parking lot that would create a disruption in the normal running of a business or company. The cause-effect relationships of these potential disruptions are known as Business Impact and the feasibility study is known as “Business Impact Analysis”. The potential threats and available resources are known as “Risk Analysis”. ISYX Technologies DR Consultancy provides a platform to make the business aware of the risks and their impact, based on which the business leaders can take an informed decision to mitigate the risk to a level that is the risk appetite of the organization.

ISYX Technologies HELPS…

to prepare the mission-critical operations for the unexpected disruptions so that effective response is in place during a relatively “chaos” period. Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) planning are vital activities in any IT organization to run your business. Our DR solutions are based on best practices and designed to bring an added layer of protection to mission-critical operations that include technology, space and people.

ISYX Technologies CONDUCTS…

a comprehensive IT BCP/ DR planning and execution methodology that not only provides a BCP scope but also an effective tool to measure the mitigation of the risks identified, thereby enabling business leaders to have unique insight into the effectiveness of their IT policies and procedures.

ISYX Technologies MANAGES…

comprehensive disaster/business recovery and emergency management project plans as well as designs, implements and simulates the technologies required to set up this DR infrastructure. In the face of an emergency, good advance planning can help you prevent a chaotic response, avert disaster and minimize loss. Our professionals perform an in-depth analysis of where you are today, where you should be, and create a comprehensive solution to close the gap in terms of the RTO and RPO defined internally as well as the technologies being used internally to achieve these parameters.

Disaster Recovery is no longer a luxury in the world we live in today. ISYX Technologies Disaster Recovery solutions include building the BCP-DR framework, then setting up the infrastructure and ensuring that it is in sync with the Production, and an automatic switch-over with minimum or zero human intervention in case of DR. The solution includes providing auto Disaster Recovery and drills at the touch of a button. It also enables the customer to calculate and re-validate the RTO and RPO objectives of the customer.

With ISYX Technologies approach customers can benefit by Recover applications faster, reduce the time to conduct DR drills and know that your DR solution is meeting recovery SLAs.