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Our SAP Mobility solution framework is a comprehensive solution framework that addresses the mobility requirements of enterprise use cases on boarded to SAP Business Management Software Solutions.

ISYX Technologies SAP mobility solution empower enterprises to extend use cases addressed by SAP Business Management Software solutions on to mobile devices with different operating platforms in a short span of time without the difficulties of teaming up engineers with expertise on mobile device platform development, SAP.

ISYX Technologies offers SAP mobility solutions on Sybase Unwired platform and SAP certified Middleware platform.

Core Benefits of SAP Mobility:

  1. Increased productivity: Push and pull notifications across multiple channels including SMS, email and application level notifications ensure user action on critical workflow steps.
  2. Efficient Decision Making: ISYX Technologies Mobility framework empowers users with requisite set of data to enable them to take informed decisions.
  3. Improved satisfaction index of stake holders in the process value chain: SAP Mobility solution framework helps enterprises in reducing the SLA time between various production processes and hence achieves productivity and output optimization through right balance of demand and supply.
  4. Workflow Approval on the Move: Employees no longer need to be within the office premises to approve the SAP transactions (Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Payment release, Travel Request, Expense Statements, and Leave Requests etc.
  5. Capture data Offline on the move: Interfacing of the data collection device with SAP in real-time.
  6. Real-time dashboards and reports for Informed Decision Making.
  7. Tight integration with SAP ensured through the design of SAP integration components built on top of ABAP.
  8. SAP Certified Mobile applications with proven business cases scenarios.

Specialized Services:

  1. Mobility Road Map consulting for Enterprises
  2. Consulting and Support for SAP Mobile platform.
  3. Native iPhone Application development.
  4. Enterprise mobility solution- special purpose devices selection and application development.
  5. Work Place Intelligence through Mobility.