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With ISYX Technologies information protection suite customers can be rest assured that there information is secured where ever it is residing (internal or external). ISYX Technologies brings in the confidence in customers to share their data with immense control to the extent that the entire data life cycle can be managed remotely. This gives them the flexibility to open secured communications with both internal as well as external customers / vendors with the peace of mind that the organization’s information is shared but in a very controlled and secured way. This is achieved by various information security platforms that we carry with us, we always put the check points or control measures at the data or information origin and the ingress as well as the egress points.

ISYX Technologies provides Information Protection solutions that enable sensitive information to move freely across global organizations, greatly increasing collaboration and enabling business processes.

In addition to complying with regulations, protecting consumer data that is entrusted to an organization is an essential part of maintaining customer trust, and ultimately an organization’s reputation. Whether you are a financial institution protecting investments and banking information, retailer protecting credit card information or a health care provider protecting PHI, it is critical to put in place the technology and processes to secure this information and protect your customers

Enterprises cannot afford to simply lock this data down anymore for compliance purposes if they are going to compete in today’s markets, especially the health care and retail markets with their razor thin margins. Sensitive data must be put to use in order to increase operational flexibility and business agility. Companies must be able to manage the risk of sharing this information in order to securely enable:

  • Outsourcing of data entry and record keeping to reduce costs
  • Outsourcing IT system management and services to focus on core competencies
  • Utilization of record keeping and payment clearing houses to increase operational flexibility
  • Sharing PHI data securely across providers, doctors, labs and hospitals to improve services

With our industry leading partnerships with the OEMs, ISYX Technologies data security and management solutions protect against the loss of sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), and personal health information (PHI) at the “point of use”, or host where is most at risk. This model offers privacy protection simultaneously across laptops, desktops, servers, applications, devices and channels of communication – anywhere in the world. For instance the Verdasys data protection solution; Digital Guardian offers unmatched privacy protection against “hard to detect” user actions such as: illicit copying to CD (or USB device), printing, network transfer, or the personal e-mailing of sensitive files and other data.

Another important aspect of Information security is the information life cycle management and the digital rights management. ISYX Technologies has onboarded some patented technologies of the partner ecosystem which is a comprehensive security solution for Enterprise network file share and storage systems that ensures lifecycle security for files and the content embedded in the files. This solution is from Pawaa that enables efficient flow and sharing of information, enabling secure collaboration between internal and external users of the enterprise. It offers a unified browser GUI to ensure secure connectivity & managed access to network share from within the intranet or from the internet. Only users with authorized access can connect to the network share after authentication with any internal or external source. This significantly enhances the flexibility and scalability of enforcing Enterprise security policies anywhere, anytime to ensure lifecycle file and file-content level protection.

The Unique structure of the encrypted file gives it the ability to carry the usage policy along with the content it encapsulates. The usage policy specifies how the file is handled at the desktop after Authentication. Save, Save as, Export, Print, Screenshot are some of the embedded policies and it ensures that these policies are enforced while the intended user is using the file. The File can also be set to expire after certain number of days even if the user has valid credentials. You can also enforce location policy within and outside the network.

With the above capabilities of the solution we can do Authentication, Encryption, Policy Management, Policy Enforcement.