• Work –Force Efficiency Optimization

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Isyx Technologies brings to the region a work force efficiency solution that offers insight into one of the most precious wealth of most of the companies that is PEOPLE. This tool helps the higher management the right tools and reports to extract maximum efficiency from their team. The reports from this tool can help in proper staff sizing, efficient appraisal system, hiring and firing analysis data, utilization percentage of the individual, team and organization for production activities and much more.

The solution that ISYX Technologies has is cost-effective, easily deployed, scales to fit needs of any enterprise, and is operated and managed through an easy-to-use, wizard-driven console.

With our solution which is based on LogRhythm platform, enterprises can invest in a single solution to address security, compliance, and operations issues throughout their IT organizations. LogRhythm’s patented technology combines log management, SIEM 2.0, file integrity monitoring (FIM) and Host Activity Monitoring into a single highly scalable and fully integrated solution, enhancing functionality that has traditionally been delivered via distinct products. Adding to this core functionality, LogRhythm combines enterprise-wide network and user monitoring with host awareness technology that independently and securely captures both host-based and user-related activity information in real-time

A wealth of valuable information can be derived from log data – originating from applications, databases, servers, network devices or host systems. LogRhythm enables organizations the ability to detect and respond to advanced threats, automate compliance assurance and intelligently optimize IT operations by automating the collection, organization, analysis, archiving and reporting of all log data. By fully integrating Log Management & SIEM 2.0, with File Integrity Monitoring and Host Activity Monitoring in one solution LogRhythm helps customers:




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