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Education is undergoing a paradigm shift.

No longer the ones to stick to set method of education, the new institutional players are marginalizing old ways just to replace them with innovative ones. Learning has got new structural formats: online, self-help courses, learning through smart devices, digital learning, cloud-based learning etc. These new formats of learning have blurred the lines between technology and learning thus introducing a new generation of education system. Millennials are more self-directed than older generations and that has led to parents and students to become extremely cost conscious along with cognizance of better quality. The entire education system is grappling with this dynamic environment and trying to make the best of it. We, at ISYX, have the skills and expertise to help educational institutions to chart the course of action, strategize innovative models and bring in a blend of technology to resolve business challenges.

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How can technology innovation help?

Integrated learning solutions that has social, mobile and collaborative components are gradually making way into the future with individual standalone educational systems fading into oblivion. Real-time and cloud-based analytical solutions garner the necessary information on changing market needs.

We help institutions understand how to leverage these IT-based solutions for them to strategize based on market needs. We ensure the ubiquitous availability of online tools and resources to learners liberally by delivering the IT infrastructure.

Back-Office Support System

We provide a strong back office support system that goes beyond integrating and implementing latest processes into the system, delivering meaningful metrics and proactively addressingstudent needs.

Data warehousing, portfolio analysis and optimization, ERP and enterprise applications are some of the services of our back office support system that help improve learning experience, strategize decisions and enhance institutional effectiveness while controlling costs.

Education Publishing

Apart from online delivery of content and digital products & services, we at ISYX offer an assortment of other services such as providing digital content through smart devices, repositories of learning assets, analytical learning and initiating collaborative knowledge sharing.

Answering the Forces of Disruptive Innovation

As the educational landscape is undergoing a sea change with the advent of new technologies, new student expectations, and new competitors, the only key to institutional success is transformation. At ISYX we help institutions to wade through the choppy waters of dynamic changes and implement technology-based innovation.

Our IT-enabled services follow a holistic approach that includes all phases of planning, building, implementing and operating. We ensure the usage of proven methodology that caters to unique client needs while leveraging tools and solution accelerators.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Education industry to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry: